Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mission Bay, San Francisco

The Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco was created in 1998 by the Board of Supervisors as a redevelopment project. Much of the land was along a railyard of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. It has rapidly evolved in to a wealthy neighborhood of luxury condominiums, high-end restaurants and retail, and biotechnology research and development

The William J. Rutter Center is named after William J. Rutter, who co-founded the Chiron Corporation in 1981. Chiron grew to be a major biotechnology firm, focusing on developing vaccines and tests for infectious disease, including hepatitis, and is now among the world's largest biotechnology companies,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mission Creek Park, San Francisco

Mission Creek Park is the first of many parks and open spaces being developed in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. Mission Creek Park is divided into north and south areas by the waterway known as Mission Creek. The park is located just several blocks southwest of AT&T Ballpark.

The Mission Creek Park will eventually encompass approximately 49 acres of open space and recreational facilities for use by the general public. Small "pocket parks", shoreline walkways, bicycle paths, children's play areas, sports courts and soccer fields are all part of the master plan for this area.

The Mission Creek Park Pavilion Building at 301 Channel Street

Urban Bay Properties on Mission Creek

Urban Bay Properties on Berry Street

Mission Creek Houseboats

Mission Creek Houseboats

Urban Bay Properties on Berry Street

Mission Creek Walk

Arterra Condominiums on Berry Street

Radiance at 325 China Basin Street

AT&T Ballpark at China Basin

San Francisco Public Library- Mission Bay Branch

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Walking SF Neighborhods - Embarcadero

Crouching Spider on the Embarcadero

The Infinity Twin Towers

Cupid's Arrow on the Embarcadero